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Farm Technology solutions Manage your land more effectively with our farm technology solutions.
Measured can provide technology solutions for your properties needs, such as:
  • weather stations and forecasting tools
  • soil moisture and temperature
  • effluent fail safe systems complete with GPS tracking for nutrient placement
  • water meter data systems and auto returns to Environment Councils
  • water systems pressure and flow checks
  • milk vat monitoring systems
  • farm mapping by drone, GPS or digital imaging
  • farm layout planning
  • grain silo level monitoring
  • water tank or dam level monitoring effluent tank or pond level monitoring
  • evaporation levels
  • frost protection systems
  • anything on farm that needs measured or monitored
  • pump switching and control systems
  • pond drop testing
  • open channel water metering
Our Technology
Measured Ltd are proud to exclusively use agriculture monitoring systems built in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions by Harvest Electronics of Masterton.

Harvest Electronics are world leaders in agriculture data systems with easy accessible farm data via their website but also provide a range of web apps that enable your data to be displayed in real time on your smart phone, no longer any need to go to a laptop or inside to a PC to get access to your properties information.

Harvest Electronics designs, manufactures and monitors telemetry equipment using GSM cellular networks and the Iridium satellite network. The wireless systems can be adapted for many different industries and are totally customisable.

It is our aim to find the right solution to assist you with management on the farm.

See www.harvest.com for more in depth detail on the systems we like to use.

About Measured
Measured has a wealth of experience to assist with any consent or compliance monitoring you may need.

Measured Ltd was founded in 2016 by Steven Kennedy who has 11 years experience in agriculture technology and over 35 years farming on his own account with sheep and cropping then adding dairy investments to the agriculture portfolio. In that time he has gained a wealth of experience in what works and probably more importantly, what doesn’t. Steven has a reputation for going the extra mile for customers and providing solutions that minimise financial inputs and maximise outputs but save the business valuable time and headaches. He has helped many customers provide data from their own properties that allow for easier consent requirements due to proof of what is actually happening on the farm. It may be as simple as supplying data from soil sites to give soil moisture tracked over seasons or reliable records from a weather station situated on the property. Measured has assisted absentee owners look after water flow and tank levels from run-off properties or additional blocks set up for young stock where ensuring water is available is so important for stock health. Steven realises that while farmers genuinely accept the need to be able to measure and monitor specific inputs and outputs from their businesses, most were looking for assistance to set up simple but efficient cost effective data collection solutions on their properties. These solutions need to not only meet the requirements of any consent or compliance restraints but also enable accurate real time data to base sound management to enable your future licence to farm. Data solutions must work alongside and be part of farmers everyday routine to ensure that the information gained is both real time and truly reflect what is actually happening on the property, to assist this Measured can assist in providing mobile apps so that you can view your farm responses and usage right there, right then from the mobile phone in your pocket. Measured can also ensure your consent data for water meters can be delivered automatically to Regional Councils as required or pushed to any data capable third party websites. Allow Steven to assist you through what for many can be worrying times as agribusiness increasingly needs to be able to prove what they are using from the environment by way of water use, water quality, nutrient placement or leaching from the property by nutrient loss.

Contact Us
Measured Ltd is based in Central Southland and covers all of Southland, Otago, Central Otago and Canterbury.

Contact us for advice and support in setting up your farm technology solutions today.